Leadership for Equity, Excellence, Achievement and Partnership in 21st Century Schools (LEEAP) is a Tar River Writing Project Initiative, facilitating embedded professional development institutes that recognizes teacher-expertise while promoting and supporting teacher-inquiry as one of the most nimble ways to increase student achievement by addressing issues of race, class, equity, and educational justice in Eastern NC.

LEEAP’s mission is to:

  • Support teacher-research initiatives that create equitable outcomes for students by documenting and exploring best practices in our classrooms and our field
  • Establish teacher-inquiry communities that address issues of race, class, equity, and justice, recognizing our shared responsibility to pay back our educational debt
  • Recognize teacher inquiry as a valuable component of professional development and key strategy in improving outcomes of all students
  • Develop and disseminate a region-specific, teacher-initiated body of knowledge of teaching to diversity in NC Schools
  • Promote equity, engagement, & excellence through Writing Project Partnerships

In the 2008-09 school year, two teachers, Stephanie West-Puckett (ECU, English faculty) and Danielle Lewis Ange (Language Arts Teacher, Beaufort County Schools) , who had participated in a TRWP Summer Institute, participated in a year-long research project with the goal of developing a professional development institute focused on issues of equity in education.  Out of their research, developed the Leadership for Equity, Excellence, Achievement, and Partnership (LEEAP) Team; the LEEAP Team works to develop research and materials that challenges teachers in our region to explore equity in their own classrooms through inquiry and teacher research.

Along with cultivating partnerships with schools and districts in Eastern North Carolina, the LEEAP Team is working to share it’s programming model and resources virtually on this LEEAP Digital Archive.  Our in-service anchor lesson videos and complementary teaching resources are featured here along with digital stories produced by the LEEAP Team.  We are currently working with participating teachers to share their inquiry projects and look forward to showcasing those here soon.

This resource is meant to share best practices in our region for improving literacy teaching and learning, to demystify the process of teacher-inquiry, and to illustrate how the Writing Project can promote equity by helping teachers pursue authentic solutions to place-based problems using teacher-inquiry.


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