Anchor Lessons & Inquiry Cycles

In our second year, the LEEAP-LEA (Local Education Agency) partnership has worked with school faculty to devise a plan to situate inquiry work at the heart of staff development.  After reading, sharing and discussing the article titled “Creating a Culture of Inquiry Through the Use of Model Lessons,” which describes an inquiry in-service provided by Northern California Writing Project, we decided to vary our approach to teacher-inquiry collaboratives and offer two options at the partner-school for the 2010-2011 school year.    Strand 1 continues to offer support for individual teacher-research projects that work to improve outcomes for all students while Strand 2 introduces the process of inquiry to a new group of teachers by having them observe anchor lessons that model best practice in teaching literacy skills to diverse learners in multiple subject areas across the elementary and middle grade levels.

The videos posted here document these anchor lessons, filmed after school in an 8th grade classroom.  Faculty observe (and occasionally participate in) the anchor lessons and debrief afterwards with both the students and the LEEAP Team.  Over the next three weeks of the mini-inquiry cycle, the LEEAP Team works with school faculty as they test similar literacy strategies to reach diverse learners in their own classrooms.  Participating teachers then produce an e-portfolio to share their findings.


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