Reading in the Content Area

Tar River Writing Project Teacher-Consultant and 1st Grade teacher Debra Pagona leads a yummy teaching demonstration by helping students think about their reading strategies using a reading pizza topped with schema, visual imagery, inferences, and more!

Reading Pizza Lesson Plan Write-Up

Miller, Debbie.  Reading With Meaning.  Stenhouse Publishers, 2002.Reading With Meaning Cover

Miller shares techniques for teaching comprehension in the Primary Grades.  Her focus on the use of schema for making connections, mental imagery, asking questions, inferring and synthesis are  the concepts used in this demonstration.

The Learning Pad

This fabulous teacher integrates Debbie Miller’s ideas with the Fabulous Four Model of Readers Workshop to give you what can be a year-long curriculum for reading and is easily applicable to any content area text.  She gives some of the same examples I give in the demonstration.  She uses the Reading Pizza we did today in a slightly different format.  Even though this could take you through the whole year, I’m sure your class will inspire you to move in your own directions as yours and their schema and connections take over!


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